I have gathered the questions I am asked on a day to day basis and provided as much information possible. If you have a question that I did not answer contacting me here, would be the quickest way to get a response. If time isn't an issue an email works just as well.

I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire. In most cases I show up in something casual and comfy which is hiding something sexy.

The best way to reach me is always via text or phone call. My response time to emails is longer as expected. However, I may not be able to respond to every inquery. I do my best, so  I'll apologize ahead of time if I don't respond to your messages. But, please don't hesitate to try again.

Sorry, they aren't. Please don't try to negotiate with me; I find it offensive and will end all communication immediately.

I love gifts, although they are not required or expected. If you wish to indulge me, please seewishlist of some things that will bring a smile to my face.

I would love to do all of these things with you. I think you would enjoy bringing me along. I also dress appropriately for every occasion. Be forewarned because I will still turn heads...in the right way of course! You'll love having me on your arm!

Absolutely, personal hygiene can either be a huge turn on or a deal breaker. If needed when contacting me, just mention that a shower would be nice! And I'll be sure to have one prepared for your comfort.

Please provide the donation in an envelope, magazine or book and hand it to me as soon as we meet or slip it in my purse discreetly. That way we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each others company! If you are unable to do so please place it somewhere discretely and not directly into my hand.

Yes, they are. I get out on a regular basis, and live a healthy lifestyle. All of my pictures are of me, and all of them are recent.

Yes! I enjoy company very much, and have a few wonderful girlfriends who would love to possibly join us on our date. That being said, in most cases they would be expecting something for their time as well. But, I'm positive we can work things out.

I prefer twenty-four hours notice. But, life isn't always perfect, I can be ready in an hour if my schedule is empty. For destinations out of Calgary a prefer two to three days notice. 

Whatever makes your bum hum... Just make sure you are suited for the occasion and in something that wouldn't turn heads in our direction for the wrong reason.